Club Development Update

As our club continues to grow & thrive, developing facilities is a key focus area.  We have a lot done but a lot still to do as you can see below. 

Volunteering at the upcoming Marlay concerts will help fund the priority facility upgrades.  

Recent improvements

    • Marlay Pitch Realignment including adding Juvenile Posts to Pitch 3.  – Complete Spring 2022
    • Goal Posts on lower pitch in Broadford – Complete Spring 2022
    • Lights at Broadford – Completed Spring 2022
    • Additional pitch space – GSNS – Complete Summer 2021
    • Pitch 2 Development – Complete April 2020

Future priorities

    • Upgrading LED Lights at AWP – awarded Sports Grant end of May 2022.  Target to complete the work for Autumn 2022
    • Upgrading the Club defibrillator for use by the community  Dates to be confirmed
    • Ball Wall – Active Project underway
    • All Weather Pitch Resurfacing – target is within 2 years
    • Lights at Loreto – at early planning stage 

A Lot Done

We were delighted to have been awarded the Capital Sports Grant for almost €40,000 for the LED lights upgrade on our All Weather Pitch.   The AWP is vital during the winter months allowing our teams to continue to train and to play matches when grass pitches are unplayable.  This grant and funding is a huge boost to our Club allowing us to do the lighting upgrade for this important facility.  We thank the Principal & Board of Management at BCS and our local councillors and the Minister for Sport for their support with this grant application.  A project is underway to have the lights upgraded by the Autumn.

We have achieved a lot with our pitches in Marlay Park.  We now have 5 fantastic pitches right outside our Club House in Marlay.  We also added a second set of goalposts at Broadford, providing 2 pitches for our Juvenile Teams.  In addition lights were installed at Broadford to provide a grass winter training option.  Pitch 2 in Marlay was redeveloped in 2019-2020 and is Championship Grade.  We continue to invest in the upkeep of this facility.  

A lot Still to Do!

The Ball Wall is a very important facility to support our player skill development.  We have a team actively working on the Ball Wall Project.  Excellent progress has been made in that time and we are nearing the recommendation phase.  

We opened our All Weather Pitch almost 10 years ago.  At the time, it was a highly innovative project and state of the art.  There was  a major club fundraiser to fund its development which cost in excess of €1m.  Technology has advanced over the years and we plan to upgrade the surface within the next 2 years.

The Ball Wall and the All Weather Pitch Resurfacing are our key priorities in the very short term.  They are vital to supporting our players and our teams. Helping out at the Marlay concerts is an easy way to help the club progress against these goals

Simply do a shift and it will buy a brick or an astro sod!