BSJ is Back!

It was the longest break our players have ever had from training.  On Monday 26th April our teams began to return to our pitches after 134 days.  Our youngest players in nursery had to wait a bit longer (140 days), with reports of 6.30am and 7.30am starts!  Excited boys and girls up, dressed and ready to go!  Hope their parents / guardians had plenty of coffee!  Return to play for our Juvenile teams would not be complete until our All-Stars team           returned on Friday 7th May.  A special time for this amazing group of boys and girls along with their parents/guardians and the many mentors who volunteer to help.

The excitement and anticipation of our return was electric. Our community were delighted to see BSJ back and our players being active again.

The scramble to find gear was fun –  there was no problem finding BSJ training gear and hurls and helmets as they were safely stored away or already on hand and easy to find.  However mouthguards were a different matter!  Players – or maybe their parents – went searching and wondering where they put the mouthguards? Checking that boots still fitted after all the growth spurts was another important task!  A great effort from all involved and amazing to see our players returning to our pitches wearing their club colours.  Finally back where they belong.

In our first week of return to play, approximately 4,300 health questionnaires were completed for players and mentors.  In advance of each training session health questionnaires are reported on and checked by our committed Covid Supervisors, as well as keeping attendance records.  It’s a big administration task that needs to be done and couldn’t be done without the support of parents getting them in on time and the Covid Supervisors monitoring them.

Thank-you to everyone who helped get BSJ back in action!

With our adult players returning on Monday 10th May and news of matches in June, the summer looks bright with so much to look forward to.  We wish our adult players all the best, we can’t wait to have them back!  BSJ is back!  BSJ Abú!

By maireadscanlon Sun 9th May