Updated April 2024

The key role of the Club Children’s Officer (CCO) in Ballinteer St Johns is to establish a child and youth centered ethos in the club and to act as a link between children/young people, their parents / guardians and the Club.  As a club, we want to ensure that our young people can participate, enjoy and benefit from our Gaelic Games in safe and enjoyable surroundings.

Team mentors, juvenile players or the parents / guardians of juvenile players can contact our Children’s Officer if they have any concerns or enquiries about child protection or safety issues.


CLÍODHNA PURDUE      0861994086


Email:                childrensofficer.ballinteerstjohns.dublin@gaa.ie

The CCO helps to ensure that everyone who is working with children under the age of 18 meets the following requirements:

  1. Registration with the club – you must be a registered club member
  2. Approval to mentor / coach if new to clubCoach and Mentor application form
  3. Garda vetting – legal requirement and lasts for 3 years.
  4. Child safeguarding certification – lasts for 3 years.
  5. Coaching: Must attend a Fundamental GAA coaching course. Team coordinator to contact club Games Promotion Officer (GPO) to arrange this.

The CCO(s) should as far as possible ensure that all players, coaches/team mentors, parents / guardians, officials and spectators adhere to the

https://www.gaa.ie/the-gaa/child-safeguarding-and-protection/code-of-behaviourGAA Juvenile Code of Behaviour


The BSJ Designated Liaison Person is:   Anthony O Connor 085 8798996

The role of the DLP is to investigate or validate child protection allegations or concerns within the club using the guidelines for dealing with allegations of abuse. The DLP is responsible for ensuring that reporting procedures within the Club/County are followed so that child welfare and protection concerns are referred promptly to Tusla. The DLP will liaise with the Mandated Person for the GAA, Camogie Association or LGFA as required and maintain records.



Under current legislation it is a criminal offence in Ireland for a person acting on behalf of the GAA to commence working with children and vulnerable adults under the age of 18 without that person first being vetted through the GAA, Camogie Association or LGFA by the National Vetting Bureau.


All mentors / coaches, Female Liaison Officers (FLOs), members of the Club Executive, and any parent / guardian helping out with team groups must be vetted. The vetting process must be completed online as per the following steps. Vetting (gaa.ie)


Garda Vetting Process

The GAA Vetting System is now part of Foireann (this is the system used for Return to Play during COVID). https://www.foireann.ie


The vetting process is outlined below:

–          Log into Foireann

–          Click on ‘Profile’ tab on left hand side menu

–          Click on ‘Qualifications & Vetting’ tab

–          Click ‘Apply to be Vetted’


Note: If no ‘Apply to be Vetted’ button is listed then then you may need to add your date of birth to the main profile on Foireann. Only when a DOB is listed in the main profile of the account, the ‘Apply to be Vetted’ button will appear. You will then be guided through the application process.


Your Details:

–          Please review your details carefully. These details are taken from your profile within Foireann. Your Gaelic Games E-Vetting invitation Form will be rejected if your information is incorrect.

–          If you need to make any changes, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Your Profile’ button within the blue information box.

Your Application:

–          Please select your club from the Club dropdown list

–          Please select the Role which closely matches the role you have been allocated from the dropdown list.

–          Tick the checkboxes beside the two statements at the bottom of the form, to acknowledge that the information provided is correct and that you consent to the making of the application and to the disclosure of information by the National Vetting Bureau.

–           Click ‘Next: Upload Your Documents’ to proceed to the next step


NOTE: The Gaelic Games Vetting ID Validation Form as well as the document to verify your

identity must be uploaded in a jpeg, jpg or png format. PDF format is not acceptable.

You must upload the following three documents with your vetting application:


1. Completed Gaelic Games Vetting Id Validation form (must be signed by you). You only need to upload the first page of this form. There is no need for the Children’s Officer to counter sign the form.

jy0cycev9mvkus1tkka6.pdf (gaa.ie)


2. Photographic Id (Passport/Drivers Licence)


3. Proof of Address in the form of a utility bill or statement/correspondence from a financial

institution or correspondence from a government body no more than 6 months old. Utility bills accepted include gas, electricity, television, broadband Printed online bills are acceptable. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable.


Upon uploading the documents, you can delete or change the documents if required before you submit the vetting application. Once you have submitted your application the documents will be reviewed by the Club’s Children’s Officer and will be either Rejected or Validated. You must await an email with a link to complete the NVB Application Form. This will be issued to the email address you provided in your Gaelic Games Invitation Form.


This must be completed within 30 days of receipt, otherwise the Vetting Application will be cancelled and a new application must be submitted.

The NVB will issue you with the NVB Vetting Application form. This will be issued to the email address you provided in Step 2. Please complete this form ASAP so that your vetting is processed quickly.

Completing this form is a confidential matter between you and the NVB. All sections of the form including current and previous addresses, email address and contact telephone numbers, information on convictions and prosecutions (if any), plus other information will be required when completing the form. Once all sections of the form have been answered this then completes your application process for E Vetting in the GAA and within a short period of time you shall be contacted by the GAA to inform you as to the outcome of the vetting application. You will be notified when the vetting process has been completed via Foireann.

All Vetting queries should be forwarded to evetting@gaa.ie



Each new mentor needs to complete the SG1 course. This takes roughly 3 hours and once completed, is valid for 3 years. The CCO organises these workshops and usually take place every 1-2 months. Please email childrensofficer.ballinteerstjohns.dublin@gaa.ie to ask when the next course is and to register your interest. Once a date has been confirmed, you will be sent a link to the Learning portal of the GAA. You will need to register for this course and if you do, you will be sent a certificate as proof of you attending the course.

Safeguarding requirements (Existing Mentors):

If your safeguarding certificate has expired (lasts for 3 years), please complete the online safeguarding refresher programme at the following link:

Child Safeguarding 1 Refresher | GAA DOES

Please email refresher cert to the CCO:   childrensofficer.ballinteerstjohns.dublin@gaa.ie


All mentors must achieve a foundation level of coaching in order to carry out their role as mentor with the club. Please arrange with the team coordinator.

Familiarise yourself with the Code of Practice and Code of Behaviour GAA Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport and Code of Behaviour.

  • Always remember to avoid compromising your role as a Coach
  • Avoid a situation where you are alone in a car or dressing room with a player
  • Avoid taking coaching sessions on your own
  • Avoid spending time alone with a player or away from others
  • Avoid taking young players to your home.


Online Coaching of Children Guidance 2021

 A revised Guidance for Online Coaching of Children has been agreed following consultation with statutory authorities, parents, coaches and the Gaelic Games Associations. The Guidance will assist all clubs who wish to deliver online coaching sessions whether it is for nursery level or up to Minor level or as part of a skills challenge competition or a charity event.

Please see link for Guidance for Online Coaching of Children:




ukepuvlq3qhyie10jfqy.pdf (gaa.ie)


GAA Our Games Our Code Information Booklet.pdf (google.com)


BSJ Anti Bullying Statement.


Communications Social Media Photography Guidelines.


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