41st Ballinteer St Johns AGM

Ballinteer St Johns AGM 2023

Please note the 41st Ballinteer St Johns AGM will take place on Thursday 30th November 2023 at 8pm.  All members are invited to attend & we would like to see as many there as possible.

Please note the following

Secretary’s  report. The Secretary’s report will be published on the club website. Members will be given the opportunity to submit questions on the report by email to secretary.ballinteerstjohns.dublin@gaa.ie to be answered by the Executive within one week of the AGM day November 30th.

Motions & Nominations are now closed.

Motions for AGM

Please forward all motions for AGM to club secretary by 15th November 2023 Enda Nolan Runaí Ballinteer St Johns secretary.ballinteerstjohns.dublin@gaa.ie

Please note this year’s AGM will be recorded in camera.

You can find the Secretary’s Report 2023 here AGM 2023 Secretary’s Report























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